About Regen Suppliers

Regen Suppliers is your One Stop Shop for ALL of your regenerative products and services!

Our goal is to make your life easier by offering all of the products you need for your regenerative practice with all these benefits you will love:

  • Your own dedicated sales representative.
  • Tiered pricing which is cumulative across product lines. Our purchasing power saves you money on biologics, devices, supplements, and shipping!
  • One invoice, one point of contact and cumulative membership rewards.
  • Easy to use E-commerce platform – order online, see your history, be the first to receive limited time specials.
  • Double Digit discounts on training (online and in person).
  • Access to IRB Approved Research Studies.

Regen Suppliers is changing the way you work with suppliers. Do you really want to have to call 5 to 10 different vendors on a regular basis, deal with stacks of invoices and only receive discounted pricing based on ONE type of product purchase?

Or how about working with ONE dedicated representative providing concierge level service? Our tiered pricing takes into account your purchases across ALL regenerative products, thereby saving you considerable money.

Here is an example of how Regen Suppliers will put a smile on your face. Let’s say you purchase $20,000 of products in a month across several categories. As a result, you then receive 30% off all training courses for a year AND Regen Suppliers covers all your overnight shipping with your new Tier status!

Our mission is to provide first rate, dedicated service on a full slate of cost effective and safe regenerative products to make your practice easier and provide you the peace of mind knowing Regen Suppliers will ALWAYS be there for you.

Please allow us the honor of serving you, we’ll provide 30% off your first biologic order and cover the shipping. Call us today at (888) 568-6909!